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Don't Lose Your Keys! - How to Prevent Accidental Button Presses on Hyundai Smart Key Fob

Almost lost your Hyundai smart key? We can help.

There may be times where the mechanical key (inside your fob) gets accidentally released. This normally happens when your key fob is stored in a bag, purse or pocket.

You may encounter this problem if you own a Hyundai with the following 3/4 button smart key fob (remote).

  • Elantra 2015 and newer
  • Sonata 2015 and newer
  • Tucson 2015 and newer
  • Ioniq 2017 and newer

Thinking Face on Apple iOS 13.3Flaw? What causes this?

This is due to the design of the key. The mechanical key release button is not recessed --- it sticks out --- hence it takes less effort to be pressed.

Other brands, example Nissan with their popular oval design key fob, or Mazda, sport a recessed slider switch to release the key. You have to dig your finger nail in to engage it.

Nissan key fob release knob on backPic: Nissan/Infiniti Key fob (back)

The good news is, Hyundai fixed this design with their new key fob design for the 2018 and newer Elantra, Santa Fe, Kona etc.

How can I fix this now?

Option 1: Key Fob Case (aka cover, skin, jacket)

Style 1: Silicone SKU: HYUS4B version 1

The cover makes it "harder" for the mechanical key to come out. To completely stop this from happening, see Style 2.


Style 2: Silicone SKU: HYUS4B version 2

This protective silicone case comes in three colors. The built-in key loop keeps the mechanical/auxiliary key inside the fob permanently. The fob is inserted from the top.

Just slide your remote in and presto! You'll have to remove the entire fob to get the the built in key.

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